WINBOT W930. The intelligent window cleaning genius

  • Larger cleaning area and shorter cleaning time
  • A microfibre cloth and squeegee ensure perfect cleanliness of all framed and frameless glass areas
  • Automatic cleaning with memory function


Düsseldorf, September 2014. With the new WINBOT W930, ECOVACS ROBOTICS, the leading expert in trendsetting household robotics, gets ready to present its most up-to-date and powerful window cleaning robot at the IFA. The intelligent assistant cleans framed and frameless windows of all thicknesses as well as even larger areas than its predecessors thanks to its enlarged microfibre pad. The combination of a microfibre cloth and two squeegees for heavy and fine dirt guarantees complete cleaning right into the corners without streaks or remaining drops of liquid.

The new first-class model is also a step ahead as far as time is concerned: WINBOT W930 works extremely quickly because it can move in all directions thanks to the combination of an in-built rotating disc and driving tread. A new vacuum pump with dual suction rings that secure the robot to the windowpane offers extra hold.

Intelligent software and sensors also help the talented cleaner to move around obstacles such as window handles or to detect frameless panes. Thanks to its memory function, the W930 remembers its cleaning path and does not clean areas that have already been cleaned.
WINBOT W930 is available in specialist stores and online at www.ecovacs.com from September 2014 for € 399 (recommended retail price).


The performance features of WINBOT W930 at a glance:

  • 4-phase cleaning
  • Efficient cleaning path
  • Remote control
  • Automatic cleaning with memory function
  • Obstacle detection
  • Battery backup

ECOVACS ROBOTICS is a leading brand of intelligent household robots. The company is number 5 in the world and market leader in China for robotic vacuum cleaners according to market research institute GfK. ECOVACS ROBOTICS has set itself the task of making life easier for its customers with trendsetting robotics. As the market leader in China and with branches in Europe and the USA as well as sales partners all over the world, ECOVACS ROBOTICS has already supplied more than 60 million household cleaning appliances throughout its company history. The robots that clean floors and windows and purify the air do the household work for their users, thus giving them valuable time for the enjoyable things in life. ECOVACS ROBOTICS is a pioneer in household robotics: The company alone has 684 patents, 66 of which are international.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS has 5000 employees all over the world and nine locations, with one in Europe and one in the USA. In 2012, Düsseldorf became home to the European headquarters in Germany.


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Gunda Niggemeyer